It is known that the roads north lead to a city atop the bantay (mountain), where a proud and wise tribe of tech warriors and digital craftsmen live. Safe from the reach of the evils of greed and squander, they craft enchanted weapons and magical tools that aid many in their perilous adventures.

For eons the tribe lived in peace and tranquility, wisely choosing whom to bestow their knowledge and gifts of power to.

But alas, peace does not last forever, and slowly a darkness began to engulf the world. 

This evil, that comes only once every century, returned once again to wreak havoc and chaos. Its reach immense, its destruction and disruption immeasurable. Life around the globe would soon change. Townsfolk trapped in their homes left to their own devices, kings and leaders fighting amongst themselves, and opportunists surfacing once again to profit on suffering.

Quick to their feet, the tribesmen foresaw the evil, and with haste cast a great protection spell upon the City, and with this spared their kin from the devastation that looked to fall upon them.

Time has passed and the world is forever changed. But to remain isolated and disconnected from the rest of the world is not an option. The tribe leaders have spoken and have chosen you to bestow their weapons, tools and knowledge to venture the world and repair it.

join the crusade!

The adventure awaits! We'd love to aid you in your journey. We thrive in building community based platforms and bringing them to the online world. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will get in touch with you as fast as we can!  Agyaman kami!

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