Junk Terror

We call on the people of Baguio to resist as one!

June 14, 2020

UPDATE: The stickers are updated to "Junk Anti-terror Law" from "Junk Anti-Terror Bill. Please download below."

In the middle of our battle with this devastating pandemic, a questionable and ambiguous law is about to be passed. Though it claims to be a tool for good, we cannot help but fear its abuse. The timing is horrible, it's authors motives aren't crystal clear, and it looks to profit only those in power by curtailing freedom of speech.

It's defining guidelines need to serve the people more than the politicians who hastily want to pass it. We ask that you join us in asking that the Bill be junked and reviewed meticulously before seeing the light of day.

You may download high res file of stickers here. UPDATE: The stickers are updated to "Junk Anti-terror Law" from "Junk Anti-Terror Bill.

We'd like to ask you to send an email evey 8pm every day to pcc@malacanang.gov.ph.

You may copy and paste:

Subject: Rejection of Anti-terror Bill

Message: We urge for the rejection of the so called “Anti Terror Bill” to protect the fundamental rights of the Filipinos to freedom of speech, as stipulated in Article 3 Sec. 4 of the Philippine Constitution.

Let us act fast and act together, so we may continue to voice out and hold our government accountable.

join the crusade!

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