Ayuuu! Something strange happened last week in the neighborhood of Kennon Road, ya!

June 12, 2020

There was an evil that breached the checkpoint last week, and even the honorable mayor cannot oppose it.

This entitled entity had bypassed protocol, presented the most baffling of excuses and then passed on blame to his own men to justify and excuse his actions.

We cannot let this pass as it could have caused the harm to the city despite it's long standing efforts to fight this pandemic.

The only thing that we can do is be vigilant and alert when it decides to rear its ugly head once again.

When a similar entity is within the neighborhood, who are you gonna call? The Zamorabusters!

Actual photo of the stickers

These 4x4 inches weatherproof stickers were supposed to be distributed this morning at the mañanita, #junkterrorbill rally. But due to unforeseen evil, it was delivered late.

Because of Mayor Magalong's failure to hold Mayor Zamora's accountable for breach of protocols, we have pushed to create this campaign to raise awareness on protocal. And while calls to make Mayor Zamora persona non-grata have been dismissed, he should be aware that he and his behavior are not welcome in this city.

Here are the instructions to get the stickers:

  • You may download and print the digital copy (hires pdf) of the sticker here. Bahala na kayo kung anong size at kung saan niyo ididikit. Mas ok kung sa car, sa jeep, sa pader, o saan basta ingat.
  • You may also send us a message below and we'll let you know how to get a sticker.

Thank you! And let us all be Zamorabusters in our little way.


Credits to JP Alipio of Cordillera Conservation Trust for the ideation of this campaign.

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